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SERENDIBITES collection.. #Serendibite was discovered at Gangapitiya, near Ambakotte, Sri Lanka 💯, in 1902 by G.T. Prior and A.K. Coomaraswamy. Prior and Coomaraswamy named the mineral ‘serendibite,’ 💎which is derived from ‘serendib,’ an old Arabic term for Sri Lanka. Serendibite is rarely found as facet-grade material. Before the 2005 discovery of Serendibite in Mogok♠️, Myanmar, there were only 3 known faceted serendibites, which were from the original Sri Lankan find. The serendibite from Sri Lanka and Myanmar is believed to be the only sources for facet-grade material. Sri Lankan Serendibite was an attractive greenish or violet-blue, while the stones from Myanmar are dark black.⚛️ 🌞In the second half of the 1990’s, #gem-quality serendibite was discovered from secondary deposits in the Ratnapura area of Sri Lanka.🌝 The Serendibite is very beautiful bluish green #gemstone with following physical properties.🌟 🧮(Ca, Na)2 (Al, Mg, Fe2+ , Fe 3+ )6 ( Si, B, Al)6 O20 Pleochroism: strong, L, Yellowish green/ bluish green/ violetish blue , H = 61/2, SG : 3.44 , RI : 1.697- 1.702 B (-), transparent , Glass body , absorption spectrum: one weak line at 470nm.Inclusions: white finger print inclusions, healed fissure, polysynthetic twining, has been founded at Ginigalgoda,Kolonne,Sri Lanka.🌈 This gemstone’s mineral initially discovered and named in 1903 by Mr. Ananda Coomarasamy, for the locality. The Serendib is an old Arabic name for Ceylon. 🤠 The First SERENDIBITE🌍 Weight: 0.35 ct. Color: Very beautiful light medium Emerald green shape: Rectangle Type of Cut: Face: Emerald cut, Bottom: mix protugees cut. Locality: Gingalgoda,Kolonne,Sri Lanka The Second SERENDIBITE Discovered in Sri Lanka🧭 For the Story , How Dr. Palitha Gunasekara found the Gem🎉🎭In year 1996… 🌅@ www.aakarshagemhouse.com🕴️ Mr. shaminda arthanayake🕺 ⛩️ whatsApp @ +94774528522 if you like to see or buy SERENDIBITE Discovered in Sri Lanka🧘‍♂️ & the 🌍🌎🌏.. #gemologist #minerals #mineralogy #rarethings #museumvisit #museo #instagemstone #collect #veryrare #mostexpensive #richardmille #expensive #mostraregemstone #usaminerals #usagemstonesbuyers #usagemshop #tucsongem

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